Much More Black

by The Raventones

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A song-cycle, a concept album, a rock-opera memoir - the classic Outsider's journey.


released September 9, 2016

All Rights Reserved Worldwide
All music & words © ℗ 2016 TR Kelley/Darkwater Music
except "Rock in the Road" - words by TR Kelley,
music by Randy Hamme © ℗ 2016

Produced by TR Kelley & Randy Hamme
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Don Ross
@ Don Ross Productions
Editing & additional recording by Randy Hamme
@ TraXide Studio
"Starstruck Enterprise" vocals recorded by Steve Burkle
@ Bear Tracks Studio
"Journey Over the Dunes" recorded by Randy Hamme
@ Hole-in-The Roof Studio

Aradia Farmer - additional harmony vocals on 5, 6, 10
Foamer Jane - lead acoustic guitar & banjo on 8; violin on 2
Matt Petersen - atmospheric electric guitar on 5

Randy Hamme - First acoustic guitar on 5, "B-B-Beam" on 4
Matt Petersen, Carol Petersen, Sharron Innes, Tifani Lauzon,
TR, Randy, Jane, Yoder -hand-claps & crowd vocals on 10 & 11
Sharron Innes - opening laughter & end voice on 11
Brekin Peterson, Easton Lauzon - playground kids on 2
Zequoia - "Pharoah" on 10
Sound effects design, production, field recordings by TraXide Studio
Technical advisors - Diana Robson, Don Ross, Randy King, Steve Burkle

Exploding light bulb cover photo - Dane Vetter/ Fotografie
"Raven on Hydro Pole" photo - Paul Lantz, Ontario, Canada
Austa covered Bridge, Hwy 36 RR xing, M.V. Walla Walla ferry photos
- Photophoam (R. Hamme, A&B Farmer)
Band headshots, and "The Light Shines on Fruits & Vegetables" - TR Kelley
Graphic design & direction - Foamer Jane w/ Artie Fufkin, Polymer Records
Proofreading & graphic design assistance, (technically!) Aradia Farmer-

Gracious flapping thanks to everyone who helped make this album possible, especially Nadine Greenholt, Ray & Jean Hamme, Sharron Innes, Tim Mueller, Nel Applegate, Brian Hodgson,
Chico Schwall, Tifani "Band-Aid" Lauzon, Brandon & Aradia Farmer, Zane Kelley, Mike Kraemer, Bella Lebinski,
all our epic crowdfunders @ Indiegogo,
all our beloved People at Kindtree/Autism Rocks Summer Retreat,
and our families, friends, & fans near and far,
regardless of species, color, gender, ability, orientation, diagnosis,
meow, blah, et cetera.
Be more than kind.


all rights reserved



The Raventones Swisshome, Oregon

TR Kelley & Randy Hamme - Dark psychedelia & melodic low rock from the backwoods of outer space.

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Track Name: Bully
nine-dollar bill in a two-bit town,
nobody knows how to make that kind of change
watch your back when the sun goes down,
you're a new fish and sharks are coming into range
fat kid, skinny kid, new in town, the kid with glasses
the kid without a home, the boy who loves other boys
the smart girl who'd rather be left alone
why in the hell did they put us here?
we don't belong and they never let us forget it
hope I make it ‘til my sentence is over
only five years, four months now
mom works two jobs and daddy's gone,
home's far across the great divide
bell rings, school's out, walking home,
a new fish trapped by the sinking tide
the sharks are waiting they're right outside
and you try and you try but they still won't let you get by
and you cry and you cry but they still won't let you get by
out on the street, back in the alley, they knock you down
and they make you crawl
gimme your lunch money kid, gimme them shoes
gimme your violin, let’s play the blues
I ran I ran I ran - I got free and I found the key
it was around my neck on a string, I'm safe this time - this time
a new fish trapped by the sinking tide
the sharks are waiting, they're right outside
and you try and you try, but they still won't let you get by
and you cry and you cry and you try and you try
but they still won't let you get by
I am free, in the dark I found the key, it was in the strings upon this neck
the whole damn time - You tossed me a line
so it's my turn this time, to be more than kind.
Track Name: Starstruck Enterprise
floating 'cross the friendly skies, me myself searching for i and i and i
every mission another starstruck enterprise - indubitably.
Immune from all that's commonplace, i got wormholes in my inner space
an eccentric orbit intersecting the upper left edgeof the northern quadrant of the human race yeah
- looks like chaos!
inevitably colliding with wayward sons & bright and stormy class-M planets
strange attractors in dangerous quadrants, feels to me like subspace distortion,
the atmosphere is quite poisonous, Yeager would say i'm augerin' in.
looks like you bought the farm, girl, yet again.
beam me up Scotty, beam me up right now, i think you maybe left me on the wrong planet,
the natives don't grok me and Mr. Spock down here anyhow!
beam me up Scotty, take me to a kind and gentle place,
where they love you for the groovy thing inside your skull,
not the dots and lines upon your face.
out here in space not much really matters
grokking God and soaking up these blessed cosmic rays........
bridge to engineering! Scotty! " aye Captain..."
Scotty, we gotta get to the Vegas quadrant immediately!
"aye Captain, i don't think you can do that,
i just barely got her patched together from the last time
we did some crazy stuff like that, got the mains bridged, looks like a Christmas tree
the warp core's patched back together, i canna hold'er, Captain, she's breakin up!
you been dependin' on the dilithium of dangerous alien love"
there's one right now off the starboard bow,
got a Romulan cloaking device wrapped tightly round the heart
capable of an interstellar Vulcan mind-meld of epic hyper-intelligent proportions
an event horizon of this magnitude has not been encountered by Federation starship
"Captain what shall we do?" "Open a hailing frequency!" -
"oh Captain all the frequencies are jamming incontrollably!"
"...sensors indicate the presence an intense life form
with an emotional disruptor, a tractor beam, a photon torpedo!"
"Mr. Sulu - evasive maneuvers! Mr. Chekhov ...", "The wessel's outta control Captain, my shields are down!"
i lost another one - a direct hit!
what am i gonna tell the Federation, that's the ninth ship in a row
you think i'd find myself a friendly planet instead of letting my heart boldly go
beam me up Scotty, take me to a kind and gentle place
where everybody tells the truth and love don't make anyone afraid
love don't make anyone afraid
infinite diversity in infinite combinations don't make anyone afraid
Mr. Scott - one to beam down to the surface of the love planet - energize
Track Name: Rock in the Road
they say that life is a circle
no beginning and no end
and if you want to get around it
better find some trusted friends
ones to stand beside you
ones to cheer your way
share your joy and sorrow
brightest night and darkest days
when i journey with you
anywhere we can go
you can lead or you can follow
don't be just another
rock in the road
they say that life is a circle
no beginning and no end
and if you got any hope of making it around it
better find some trusted friends
Track Name: Supernova
I got drunk and i dialed your number
just because i was home alone
i did not know what to do when you answered
so i just screamed and hung up the phone
i slammed the door, i ran down the backroads
i ran until i could not breathe
but I can't run from this hold
that you have on me
i thought i saw you walking down the street
i almost crashed my car
i try to drive on the streets
i think i know where you are
but it only happens that way in the movies
and we're the wrong kind of stars
bitter bright blue brilliance goes nova, don't you know,
- supernova
when i'm pulled to the point of breaking
i ring true like an open string
my voice is fire my hands are bleeding,
consumed by what it does to me
two deep souls to seek the question,
four strong hands to find the key
now i know why it had such a hold on me
sweet lies it's all the same excuses all the lies until it fades away
until i run away it always fades away and then you run away
i get drunk and i dial your number
i never reallythink that you might be be home
i still don't know what to do when you answer
guess i should quit drinking and just stay stoned
Track Name: Johnny I Know
Johnny, i know why you had to face the train
Johnny, i know why you had to face the train
the whiskey wasn't working to drive away the pain
and there ain't no use in sleeping when you just wake up
you could have picked a high bridge you could have picked a gun
the engineer said you saw him but you didn't try to run
now everyone's so sorry and everyone's so sad
but i don't think it hurt you quite as much as what
you had
now Johnny did you think about that railroad engineer?
he's gonna see your eyes in nightmares for the rest of his years
he'll hear the thump and rattle as you went under his train
he'll see his locomotive standing bloody in
that rain
Johnny i know why you had to face the train
Johnny i know
Johnny no
Track Name: Sequins
the sun shines in Seattle - silver sequins on the Sound
sometimes sunshine sounds like silver on the Sound
Track Name: Moses
i can see you think him irresponsible
but you don't know how it is to be
born wide awake in a world still sleeping
a hapless drifter from a distant long-lost starstruck galaxy
when your mind is born open and your soul can really see
the trials that they'll force on you to try and keep you down
must not keep you from your sacred destiny
Moses on the mountain talking to the greenery
opened as a channel for the One
born to lead his people out of slavery
he said "Pharaoh let 'em go!"
by faith and word Thy will be done
when your mind is blown open and your soul begins to see
the trials that'll they'll force on you to try and keep you down
will not keep you from your sacred destiny

waiting for the words to come down

there's Moses on the streetcorner singing to the sky
commuters shy away from those truth-filled eyes
in a world without spirit we got shamans on the dole
saviors in the nuthouse all the saints out on parole
not for too much longer
the light deep inside us is getting stronger

waiting for the Word to come down

that's me on the park bench just feeding the birds
can't be distracted by the concerns of the greater herd
there's too many things inside of me
won't fit into letters, lines and boxes and words
and all the indoor things they want me to do when i'm a bird
because when your mind becomes open
and your soul can finally see
the illusions you were living for no longer keep you down
won't keep you from the call
can't keep you from the Word
can not keep you from your sacred destiny
Track Name: Different Kinda Human Beings
you may walk, or you may roll
you may stagger or you may stroll - unimpeded
cruising down the highways and byways of life
you may speak or you may sign
you may communicate so far outside the lines
nobody knows what you’re saying
just because you don't talk
don't mean you don't got nothing to say
it ain’t right it ain’t wrong
just a counter-harmony in the cosmic song
i’m not you so don’t you try to be me
we’re made different,
we're different kinda human beings

i know! you know! nobody’s perfect - No!
i don’t think that’s what we’re supposed to be
each one on a journey of body mind and spirit
and we’ll all get to the end eventually
you take the high road, i'll take the low road
we gonna get there, yes we are

we got some big ones and little ones
and short ones and tall ones
and skinny ones and round ones
and mighty black and brown ones
white and red and yellow too,
and you and me and you and you
a walkin' and a-rolling and a-runnin' and a-strollin'
yakkin' chattin' talkin' with their hands
all those human beings
love those human beings

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