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There's a Rodent in My Ceiling

by The Raventones

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Winter in the Pacific Northwest Coast, USA and Canada. The fog sets in, physically and mentally. With apologies to all our fans and friends in the Great White North and other globally advanced societies, this song is in Fahrenheit as well as the key of B. You could sing it "6 degrees and raining" if you are empathising along vocally from Vancouver Island. :) To hear more backstory on this song, join TRKelley's Roadshow of Randomness on Patreon.com/meowblah3


44 degrees and raining
november,december, january, february
port gamble, seattle, yachats, eugene, langford, aberdeen & hoquiam
and here i am
staring at the wall again
there's a rodent in my ceiling
there's a rodent nesting in my walls
i hear him chewing, gnawing in the hall

44 degrees and raining
monday, tuesday, friday, sunday, wednesday
i don't know i don't care
44 degrees and raining in my head again
and here i am
listening to the walls again

there's a rodent in my ceiling
he's inescapable i can't get away
it's chewing, it's gnawing, it's making noise, it's getting stains on the plaster
squeaking and scratching, one apartment after another
doesn't matter where i go
i'm still here
44 degrees and raining, a storm from alaska coming in
days rain and dark for real
and here i am
writing songs again
my cat's on the bed twitching in those can-opener dreams
there's no rain on his fur today.
there's a pattering on the rooftop, is it time for - santa claus!
no, it's just the rain
and that rodent in the ceiling
there's a rodent nesting in my walls
i hearing chewing and gnawing down in the hall
along with bats in the belfry and skeletons in the closet,
and the ghosts of Christmas past and the dead soldiers in the hall
there's a rodent in my ceiling
(for real!)
there's always some kind of rodent in my ceiling
some little guy, chewing away


released November 1, 2021
There's a Rodent in My Ceiling
©️2021 TR Kelley

Composer - TR Kelley (BMI)
TR Kelley - guitars, electric piano, lead vocals
Randy Hamme - drums and percussion
Aradia Farmer - all harmony vocals
Alucinante, Rat of Light - gnawing

Recording by Randy Hamme @ TraXide Studio
Editing and Mixing by The Raventones @ Traxide Studio
Mastering by Thaddeus Moore @ Liquid Mastering


all rights reserved



The Raventones Springfield, Oregon

TR Kelley & Randy Hamme - Western psychedelia & melodic low rock from the backwoods of outer space. Lyrics of love, death and healing. The Raventones don't tour, but they do migrate seasonally between Western Oregon and Baja Arizona, living off-grid in an RV, recording studio and all. ... more

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